September 23, 2013

GAN Closure Update: Migration to Commission Junction

We have recently made the decision to partner with Commission Junction as our new Affiliate Program platform. We are still in the migration process, but hope to be able to process program applications by the end of September. All affiliate partners who worked with us on the GAN will receive email notification, once we are active with Commission Junction, on how to continue our partnership on the new platform. We will continue to keep our affiliate partners apprised of our changes as we move forward via the Affiliate Program page on our website, this blog, and our monthly affiliate newsletter (which will resume once we are ready to begin accepting applications with Commission Junction). We will continue to update these outlets as we receive additional information and to reflect our new partnership with Commission Junction.

We wish to extend our many thanks for your continued support and for being a valued affiliate partner as we navigate the changes created by the closing of the Google Affiliate Network.

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