September 24, 2012

Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Video on the Making of the Book of Shadows Tarot

The following entry was originally posted by Barbara Moore on the Llewellyn Tarot Blog Tarot Pathways on August 28, 2012.

The Book of Shadows Tarot is a unique project, many years in the making.

It is an ambitious project based on a two-deck system. Each deck is designed to work independently but also to work together.

The decks are based on the concept of As Above, So Below. The first deck, As Above, is a non-traditional (that is, not based on the Rider Waite Smith images) exploration of Wiccan/Pagan theories. So Below is a traditional deck that shows how magic is manifest in everyday life.

The kit comes with the book and the As Above deck. The box includes a space for the second deck, So Below, available in February 2013.

Below is a video created by Lo Scarabeo. Take a peek into the creation of this fascinating new tarot system.

You can also view more behind-the-scenes videos on Lo Scarabeo's YouTube channel.